Holy Crap! The World Cup makes people stop looking at their phones…for a moment

Image from BleacherReport.com

Image from BleacherReport.com

Turns out there’s one thing that will make the constant flow of information on Twitter stop – a World Cup match going to penalty kicks.

Twitter has been tracking data throughout the 2014 World Cup. Look at what happened to traffic when Brazil’s match against Chile went to kicks from the mark to determine a winner.

The graph shows tweets per second (TPS) during the match. Can you pick out when each kick happened?

That’s just one game. Twitter officials say they’ve seen the same pattern happen during every game that has gone to kicks.

If you’ve been to a World Cup viewing party, you’ve probably noticed the same phenomenon: the bar buzzes with excitement as a player gets ready for his shot, and bursts into an emotional reaction based on its outcome — but went silent in between, for that moment as his laces met the ball and it curled towards the net.

It’s nice to see that there’s something that will make people tear their faces away from a screen, if even for a few seconds. Too bad it only comes around once every four years.