Oh, Schott! – Josh Patel, Founder of FantasyCon

Fantasy_Con_Rock_MonsterWhen one thinks of a traditional “con,” the first things that come to mind are special guests, panel discussions and vendors. FantasyCon, slated for July 3-5 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, aims to be unlike anything attendees have ever experienced.

To put it bluntly, Josh Patel is going to create an entire medieval “theme park” inside the convention center – transporting visitors to another world complete with animatronic “rock monsters” and a dragon with a 40-foot wing span. There will even be a battle arena where armies will fight, blacksmiths and music.

“Name a sense, and we will find a way to use it to transport you to another world,” says Patel.

The event is going to be a celebration of the art and artists who bring fantasy worlds to life in art and in popular media.

In this edition of “Oh, Schott!,” Patel talks about how it’s taken him five years to bring his vision to life, why he wiped out his retirement to make FantasyCon a reality and why he feels this is something he “has to do.”